Peace Nation Aotearoa established to co-ordinate a response to NZ Governments Week of War


Peace Nation Aotearoa has been established as an umbrella website to bring together a co-ordinated response to the Government’s planned Week of War November 14-20..

Week of War schedule includes:

•  14 November – Navy war games – 30+ Navies from around the world have been invited to play war games on the Waitemata Harbour (cost of $750,000+)

•  16 – 17 November – Weapons Conference & Expo – The world’s top weapons manufacturers and over 500 arms dealers are coming to the ANZ Viaduct Events Centre, Auckland to buy and sell weapons

•  19 -20 – Warship open days – The public are invited to see weapons up close

In addition to this, our Government has decided to spend $20 billion over the next 15 years upgrading our weapons.

All individuals, groups, associations, not for profits and businesses that would like to send a clear message to the Government and the New Zealand defence industry that a Weapons Expo and Warship visits in November are not acceptable, are invited to join this co-created, co-ordinated response.

What I can do to get involved?

• Become a supporter – Get involved, become a Peace Nation Aotearoa supporter

• Sign Petitions
– Sign Auckland Peace Actions – No Expo / No Ships petition
– Sign Amnesty International – Kiwisaver fund managers: Stop investing our money in weapons petition

•·Week of Peace
– Events Calendar – Check out and get involved with one of the many events planned for our Week of Peace (November 13-20)
– Create your own event – If you would like to express yourself in any way that links to our core principals of peace and non-violence, send us your idea and we will add it to the events calendar

• Vlog
– View video messages – Video is a powerful way to send your message to the Government. View messages from people all around New Zealand and the world
– Send your vlog message – Via our site send your video message to the Government and the NZ defence industry
– Become a Peace Nation vlogger – Help us grow the number of messages on this site

The Government is marketing the week of war as a celebration. War is not a celebration. If you have any doubt, please visit

Please get involved and spread the word.

Thank you

Ministry of Defence and the NZ Defence industry – Weapons Expo details

As part of the New Zealand Government week of war 14th-20th of November at  the Viaduct Harbour, Auckland in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence the NZ defence industry will be holding their annual weapons expo

The world’s top weapons manufacturers and over 500 arms dealers are coming to the to view and buy new weapons.

The Government is marketing the Week of War as a celebration. War is not a celebration

Here is a link to the Exhibition prospectus and the Delegates registration form (please note the major sponsors). Both highlight New Zealand’s commitment to war and making the world worse off.

The introduction say’s it all….

Welcome letter from the NZ Defence industry chair